Dolphin Brewery

It’s been 12 weeks since any of us have been able to go to the pub, so naturally my pub reviewing has been non-existent. I did have some places ready to write up (The Boundary and The Last Crumb), but it just didn’t seem right to write them up, because who knows what pubs are going to look like when they open again. I’m imagining lots of perspex screens and widely spaced tables. It’s going to take a mind shift to re-review. I’m not the only reviewer struggling with content. Edible Reading has filled the gap very nicely with weekly interviews and a weekly diary. The interviews are going strong, and I don’t know how he keeps finding things to put in his diary – if it were me, I’d get to Thursday night and think “oh no, I’ve run out of things to say. I’ll have to talk about my toenail problem”1. Rather than get into that situation, I’ve stayed quiet. That is until now when I’ve got something truly interesting to talk about. A socially distanced trip to visit Reading’s newest brewery – Dolphin Brewery.
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Phantom Brewing Co.

Taprooms seem to be cropping up everywhere around Reading, and the latest to join the collection is Phantom Brewing Co., which opened late last November. It seemed to come out of nowhere – the first I heard of it was a press release in the local newspaper of all places, and a lot of people seemed sceptical that it was even a real taproom. And in fact when it opened it wasn’t a real taproom, because they didn’t have the brewing equipment in at the time. But they have been up and running and brewing on-site for a few months now, so it’s time for a proper review.

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As a pub reviewer, I occasionally get invited along to openings and events (which I tend not to go to). However, this week Zerodegrees managed to trick me into going to their grand re-opening by not telling me about it and me coincidentally turning up for a long overdue review. Normally I’d not review somewhere on opening night, but given that they were closed for just 3 days, and that the changes were simply a lick of paint, and a neon sign, I think it’s fair for me to proceed.

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West Berkshire Brewery

My first attempt to visit West Berkshire Brewery was a bit of a disaster. It was meant to be a Father’s Day treat, but when we eventually got there we found that everyone else had had the same idea – the place was overflowing, no spare seats at all, and over an hour wait for food. And apparently kids don’t want to just stand there starving while they watch you downing pint after pint of Good Old Boy on your own, even if it is Father’s Day.  But it looked great, and a return visit on a day not dedicated to the wonders of fatherhood was clearly essential. Continue reading “West Berkshire Brewery”

Loddon Brewery

There are so many great breweries in and around Reading, and what better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than visiting one of them, and taste fresh beer from the brewery. On this particular Saturday afternoon I was looking for somewhere to watch the rugby too, and since Loddon Brewery has  rugby connections, it seemed like an obvious choice. Continue reading “Loddon Brewery”

Binghams Brewery

Due to some good luck at a charity auction, I found myself in possession of two  tickets to a brewery tour at Binghams Brewery. It was either that or bid on a family portrait sitting – and that’s not a good idea. There’s a reason I stay out of photos. Within 2 minutes of shamelessly bragging about my win on Twitter, Mr. Affable replied unprompted that if I was looking for someone to go with, his arm could easily be twisted.  Continue reading “Binghams Brewery”