Loddon Brewery

There are so many great breweries in and around Reading, and what better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than visiting one of them, and taste fresh beer from the brewery. On this particular Saturday afternoon I was looking for somewhere to watch the rugby too, and since Loddon Brewery has  rugby connections, it seemed like an obvious choice. Continue reading “Loddon Brewery”

Binghams Brewery

Due to some good luck at a charity auction, I found myself in possession of two  tickets to a brewery tour at Binghams Brewery. It was either that or bid on a family portrait sitting – and that’s not a good idea. There’s a reason I stay out of photos. Within 2 minutes of shamelessly bragging about my win on Twitter, Mr. Affable replied unprompted that if I was looking for someone to go with, his arm could easily be twisted.  Continue reading “Binghams Brewery”