The Nags Head

The Nags Head has a reputation that’s hard to ignore as you set off for a review session. They have won pub of the year in Reading so many times that I’m not sure even they could tell you how many. I took a photo of their awards, thinking that I had done some sterling research, but then when I was at the bar I noticed that they have a bunch more hidden in the cider cupboard – too many to count.

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Siren Tap Yard

The combination of lovely weather, and England playing someone in the world cup prompted Mrs. Quaff to suggest inviting friends round for a BBQ. She likes football more than me, and I suspect she likes us doing things which mean I do the cooking. Fortunately this was just the excuse I needed to visit the Siren Craft Tap Room to get some beer – after all, what is a BBQ without good beer. I have been trying hard for a while to contrive an occasion where it was worth while us making the drive out to Finchampstead.  What better excuse than needing beer for a BBQ – after all, you can’t settle for just supermarket beer for a good BBQ. Continue reading “Siren Tap Yard”

The Prince Of Wales

Update: The Prince Of Wales has closed down, soon to be re-opened as The Last Crumb 

“Fancy coming down the pub to watch the Champs League Finale?” asked Big Gary. I fancied at least half of that activity, and figured that I could have a nice drink and a chat while the football played in the background. I was even prepared to shout the occasional “come on ref” to fit in if necessary – I’m pretty good at picking an appropriate moment to do that. And it turns out Liverpool were playing. I had a Kevin Keegan pencil case when I was at primary school (one of those long ones that could fit a full length ruler), so to be honest it was all falling in to place for me.  Continue reading “The Prince Of Wales”

The Pack Saddle

This week we’re just slightly outside Reading, at The Pack Saddle, on the road to Oxford. But which one is the Pack Saddle, and which one is the Pack Horse? Is it the first pub or the second pub? Have a guess. Because I’m willing to bet it’s 50:50 whether or not you get it right.  Continue reading “The Pack Saddle”

The Thirsty Bear

It’s hard to describe where the Thirsty Bear is without referring to the past. It used to be the Wynford Arms. You know, next to where the ugly tower block with a face on it used to be. And yes, it used to be a gay bar.  Well, now it’s called the Thirsty Bear, it’s next to a building site, and everyone who is a fan of watching sport on TV while drinking beer and eating pizza is equally welcome. Continue reading “The Thirsty Bear”

The Lyndhurst

Update: The Lyndhurst changed hands in July 2019. This review is based on the previous management.

Full disclosure – this review is based on a lunchtime visit to the Lyndhurst. Is that cheating, going at lunchtime? Perhaps, but Mrs. Quaff and I went to sample their reputedly good food, and it was an obvious opportunity to test out their beer credentials too. The Lyndhurst is apparently known locally as the Lyndie, according to a friend who used to live next door.  Continue reading “The Lyndhurst”

Reading Beer Festival

I’ll be honest – I don’t really feel like writing a review this morning. I feel mainly like going back to bed. And when I consulted my notes today, it looks like I have just written “beer = good” in my festival program and “Strict rules in. Motorways” on my phone, along with two badly taken photos. And nothing else. The first one is true, if not as helpful to writing this review as I might like. I have no idea what the second one means. Not a great start. However, that’s just my irresponsible drinking, and you shouldn’t let that put you off going to the Reading Beer Festival. So how was it this year? Continue reading “Reading Beer Festival”